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Sofia Vergara showing underwear model with a photograph


Celebrity Sofia Vergara can add "slash-designer" to her headline, having designed a outfits selection for Kmart that will hit shops come drop. Cost from $9.99 to $49.99, the promotions will involve "miniskirts, jeggings, leopard bustiers, restricted outfits and sexy tunics," according to WWD.
Vergara seemingly had her places set on Kmart for a little while, conveying to the design newspaper:

"This is not a new keep for me. When you have children you don't go to Bergdorf Goodman to buy lingerie and footwear. You go to Kmart." She also said she desired Kmart because it has a big Latino customers.

Asked what she prefers best in the selection, which is actually influenced by things in her own cabinet, Vergara said, "I really like the outfits, especially because Kmart doesn't really have that type of products. There is no attire office. I also really like the miniskirts most."

Miniskirts aside, Chief executive of LF USA John Favorite who labored on the selection was adamant that the selection would be appropriate for the big box's customers, figuring, "We think Vergara's ideal. We don't see her as risqué at all -- just a lot of fun with a amazing mind-set, strong style and sparkle, and with a audio enterprise aspect."

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