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Barry Bonds gets two-year probation, plus home arrest


SAN FRANCISCO – Robert Ties won't see the inside of a arrest. Instead, he may have to spend a month restricted to his house -- if that.

Baseball's all-time home run innovator was sentenced these days to two years' probation and 30 days of home detain for his May 13 legal sentence of stopping proper rights, coming from costs that he purposely deceived a 2003 fantastic the courtroom analyzing the BALCO given scandal. Ties was also ticketed $4,000.
The phrase was kept awaiting an benefit the sentence by the immunity.

After investing eight decades and lots of sources trying to target Ties for purportedly relaxing under promise about his use of performance-enhancing medication, prosecutors were clearly dissatisfied about the lumination phrase.

Federal suggestions call for 15-21 several weeks in arrest as treatment, and prosecutors had wanted that Ties be sentenced to 15 several weeks, but U.S. Region Trial Assess Leslie Illston followed the suggestions of the probation specialist in producing a less charge.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew Parrella suggested that Bonds' conduct justified imprisonment, saying he was "unrepentant, unapologetic.''

Illston could not agree. She outlined four reasons offered by probation specialist Wayne Schloetter for buying a less phrase than the suggestions suggest.

They were:

The try to prevent proper rights was not done in a obvious or harmful approach.
Ties has carried out significant not for profit work away from the public eye.
Ties has no before history of detain or sentence, hinting this criminal offense was an aberration.
The phrase should be regular with past treatment doled out for similar offences.

"No delight these days in Mr. Bonds' probation phrase,'' said Bill Keane, a white-collar criminal offense lawyer who protected former monitor instructor Trevor Graham in the BALCO situation.

"Given this judge's before probation phrases in the BALCO false-statement and impediment cases, and the fact that there was nothing about Bonds' situation to make it an outlier, the judge kept the course she had set long ago."

Illston had proven a desire not to discipline additional results in the BALCO situation any more severely than the ideas, such as lab co-founder Winner Conte and Bonds' former teacher, Greg Anderson. Conte was sentenced to four several weeks in jail and Anderson to three several weeks, both for disseminating given.

Former champ biker Tammy Johnson, Graham and NFL participant Dana Stubblefield all were sentenced to probation, some with home detain as well, for relaxing to a fantastic the courtroom or to government detectives in the BALCO situation.

A the courtroom of eight women and four men had found Ties accountable of trying to trick the fantastic the courtroom by providing difficult solutions to prosecutors' questions about his believed use of given.

The the courtroom deadlocked on three other number of perjury, which were therefore decreased.

"I think the the courtroom got it exactly right here that Mr. Ties made an effort to prevent proper rights,'' Illston said.

Nonetheless, Bonds' immunity group programs to charm.

"We absolutely believe Robert was mistakenly found accountable of a legal criminal offense,'' immunity legal professional Dennis Riordan said. "At when he is labeled a felon, we think unjustly, and just as we strongly conducted the situation at test, we will attack it on charm and conquer that view.''

Bonds' phrase was expected to put an end to a tale that started May., 3, 2003, when government providers raided the workplaces of the Bay Area Research laboratory Accommodating in Burlingame, just southern of San Francisco, searching for proof of unlawful anabolic steroid submission.

The situation revealed wide-spread use of performance-enhancing ingredients among professional sports athletes and led to a building up of anti-doping guidelines in several sports, such as Major Group Football.

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