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A new kid in charge of the North Korean toy box

News yesterday that North Korea's hereditary leader Kim Jong Il had passed away began to filter through to Twitter in the morning and newspapers were quick to follow up as people around the world quickly began to speculate as to what this event might mean for them. Share markets fell, most notably in South Korea, and regional militaries went on alert. Australia's foreign minister, Kevin Rudd,

Madou's (麻豆) Most Famous Restaurant


Madou's (麻豆) Most Famous Restaurant, originally uploaded by Patrick Cowsill.
Just off the Chungshan (中山) Freeway out of Tainan, you'll find Allen's Wa Gui (阿籣碗粿), a joint specializing in traditional dishes that is packed no matter what time of day you arrive. In Taiwan, crowded restaurants don't scare people away; in fact, they're often seen as a testament to the cooking. Favorites at Allen's Wa Gui include wa gui porridge and pig intestine soup. Allen's is also said to be a favorite of former Taiwan President, Chen Shui-bien, and his family. I have written about this popular restaurant, and Madou (麻豆), Taiwan before: http://patrick-cowsill.blogspot.com/2010/02/madou-taiwan-coming-home.html