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American Idol Judging Panel who will announce new next week


American Idol Judging Panel who will announce new next week. There is no mention of Simon Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres is no more, and no more Kara DioGuardi. But who's going to be a substitute for them?
Well, the answer will come in the next few days. The show, Fox network, said Thursday that a new panel on "American Idol" judge is set, but there are no spilling the beans until next Wednesday.

The network said that the panel for 10 season has been confirmed and will be announced during the next National auditions, contestants who started in January. Auditions were held near Los Angeles at the Forum, former home to the La Lakers.

So far, the singer and actress Jennifer Lopez and Aerosmith's frontman Steven Tyler was reported to have signed up to the panel. Incoming judges will fill in at least a few empty seats and possibly join the original judge Randy Jackson.

"American Idol" has been lost with the three judges in a month. British judge Simon Cowell stopped in May to start her own talent TV show on Fox in fall 2011. Follow the lead of Cowell 's, talk show host DeGeneres left in July after just one year on the panel. Later, songwriter DioGuardi stopped two weeks ago after two years. Hopefully future judges will not be a disappointment for fans of the show.

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