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Veena Malik sue FHM India

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A Pakistani famous actress , Veena Malik, filed a suitagainst a magazine in India,claimed that the magazine has changed her picture to be nude.
Veena also claim FHM India to withdraw all of its productsand pay compensation for 2 million USD.

According to his lawyer, Ayaz Bilawala said, the act of FHMIndia magazine has caused Veena feel cheated.
“Veena feel cheated. He has filmed, but not naked andgetting dressed.”
“In fact, the picture shown to her
to show her was wearingclothes,” said Ayaz.
FHM Magazine India in the December featuring a naked pictureof Veena, with his hands off to cover the unclothed breast and legs. While herleft arm tattooed with the writing of ISI, sub stands for Pakistaniintelligence agencies.
The picture has sparked anger of Pakistanis against theactions which are considered not honourable and embarrassing.
Veena has claimed the picture has been altered usingcomputer techniques.
In the meantime, Editor magazine FHM India, Kabeer Sharmasaid he had received the lawsuit.

FHM India has countered Veena Malik’s claim of Rs. 2 millionwith their own claim of Indian rupees (INR) 250 million. Malik had earlier sentthe popular mens magazine a legal notice for publishing what she claimed were‘morphed’ nude pictures of her on its December issue cover.

Malik had claimed that the photos she had shot for themagazine had been morphed which had made her appear nude, and bearing a tattooreading “ISI” prominently on her left shoulder. 
Watch Veena Malik Full Photo

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