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Sonu Nigam’s son Nevaan Nigam sings Why This Kolaveri Di –

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When Dhanush’s version of Why This Kolaveri Di went viral in November it was a super hit, today it’s got up to 16,228,211 hits on YouTube alone as of 11:40 Monday IST. After Dhanush’s version, a female version of Why This Kolaveri Di came out and it too became very popular. Many more versions of Kolveri di have come out since then, but none as popular as Dhanush’s version and the female version. However it looks like
those two may just be pushed down a rung or two since a new viral video of Why This Kolaveri Di has come out.
Uploaded Sunday, the latest version has already got 220,000 views in one day making Dhanush’s Kolaveri Di famous yet again. But why is this version different and so special? Because it was sung by a 4 year old and not just any 4 year old but Sonu Nigam’s son himself, Nevaan Nigam.
Sonu Nigam made a little change in the lyrics though. And Nevaan Nigam sings an appealing version asking his mother for Milk-u instead of scotch-u. With the modified lyrics of the new version going, “Handla glass-u, glass la milk-u, milk-u color white-u/yempty glass-u, mamma come-u, give me milk-u dear-u…”
Hence, this is the “milk” version of “Kolaveri Di” that also features Sonu Nigam along with his wife Madhurima in a studio.
Actor and singer Dhanush was honored and tweeted about this kiddy version of his hit song. “Oh my god I’m in love with Nevaan Nigam’s version of Kolaveri. Great idea Sonu Nigam ji. It’s very touching and endearing. Hi 5 Nevaan. God bless.”
Judging by what we see, this little boy has a lot of potential and we wouldn’t be surprised if we will hear more from him in the years to come. He certainly inherited his daddy’s talent!
If you haven’t heard or seen it yet, here’s Nevaan singing Why This Kolaveri Di.

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