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New Video: Meteor shower visible at peak despite light of Moon

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In this picture provided by Wally Pacholka of AstroPics.com,a Geminid fireball explodes over the Mojave Desertin the Jojave Desert, Calif. on Dec. 13, 2009. In mid-December 2010, theGeminid meteor shower will make its annual appearance, just in time forChristmas. Astronomers consider it the best meteor shower of 2010, with morethan 100 meteors streaking through the night sky every hour. (APPhoto/AstroPics.com, Wally Pacholka) Source: 1

The Geminid meteor shower of 2011 hits the highest point on the night of Dec. 13 and 14 even in the nearly full moon light it will be clearly visible.

Bill Cooke of the NASA Meteoroid Environment Office Predicted, "Observers with clear skies could see as many as 40 Geminids per hour,”

He said, "Our all-sky network of meteor cameras has captured several early Geminid fireballs. They were so bright, we could see them despite the moonlight."

NASA meteor network camera in Tennessee had recorded the an early Geminid fireball on December, 11.

The best time to appear is between 10 p.m. local time on Tuesday, Dec. 13, and sunrise on Wednesday, Dec. 14.

See the video of Geminid meteor shower. Video source 1

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