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In Dance Studio Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were Side-by-Side

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Celebrity News - Closing out the work week with a Big Apple excursion, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were side-by-side in New York City on Friday evening (December 16).
In Dance Studio Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were Side-by-Side

The "Top Gun" stud lovingly held his "Mad Money" wife's hand as the pair trekked over to a local dance studio while braving the wintry east coast weather.
The outing comes as Tom just recently returned to the States following an overseas press tour for his upcoming film "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol".

Of the motion picture, Cruise's co-star Jeremy Renner recently spoke to Movie Line about what he learned from the Hollywood legend.
Renner dished, "He and I have the same work ethic but his just resonates on a higher level because he has done so many action movies and this was just my first one. He set a really high bar for me, which is great, because now the bar is high for the next three action movies that I’ll do."
He added, "I was willing. I trained so that I was able. Tom really got me on a regimen program so I would not get injured. He gave me an analogy that working on these movies was like working as a professional athlete. I took it a step further thinking that in any professional sport, there is a second string that comes in if you get injured. But in cinema, there isn’t a second string Ethan Hunt that rolls in. So we can’t get hurt. Most of the training, outside of learning a discipline like wire practice, was not getting injured.

Because you’re doing things on a wire that your body just isn’t used to doing. It’s all about preparation. It was never a competition or anything — he just set a really high bar to live up to and I gave it a go."

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