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Top 10 HOTTEST Hollywood actresses for the Movies in 2011

Top 10 HOTTEST Hollywood actresses for the Movies in 2011 . This summer is not going without these ten beauties on your way.
Natalie Portman

She played her role in the 2010 movie Black Swan. This hardworking baby is going to be in the new movie “THOR” which will be released on 6 May, 2011. This summer she’ll be playing her BIG SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER role as a sexy scientist. Let’s see what a BombShell she is.

Penelope Cruz
Penelope Cruz, she’ll be staring from Jack’s past. She’ll be using him to get the fountain of Youth. Yeah guys we are talking about the upcoming movie that is Pirates od the Caribbean:On Stranger Tides that will be release on 20thMay, 2011.Let’s see, fingers crossed!'

Jennifer Lawrence

One of the hottest actresses none other than Jennifer Lawrence, winter’s Bone star is in the field again with a WOW performance, she’ll be staring in the X-Men: First Class this movie will be released on 3rd June, 2011

Jamie Chung

You guys must have seen the movie Sorority Row, well there is another sexiest movie upcoming in 2011 that is SUCKER PUNCH. Well Jamie chung will be starring in this movie.
Jennifer Lawrence

Blake Lively
Green Lantern is the movie she’ll be starring in, this GOSSIP GIRL is in the air, she is the hottest actress in the Hollywood. Guys! Hold your breath for this one!

Cameron Diaz

This girl is my all time favorite! She is one of the hottest actresses of Hollywood. Can you imagine her playing a scheming, foul-mouthed seventh-grade teacher?? Let’s see what she does in the movie Bad Teacher which will be released on 17th June, 2011

Rose Huntington
She will be replaced with Megan Fox in the upcoming movie Transformers:Dark of the moon. Which will be released on 11th July, 2011, this Victoria’s secret girl will seriously take our breatha way!

Hayley Atwell
She is such a baby! She’ll be starring in Captain America: the first Avenger this summer.

Mila Kunis
This HOT blondy is the hottest brunette in Hollywood, she was a costar in Black swan. In this movie she’ll be showing some skin. Justin Timberlake will be in this movie too

Olivia Wilde

She is going to be in the hottest upcoming comic book movie that is Cowboys and Aliens which will be released on 29th July, 2011

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