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Sunny Leone Adult film stars bleed India

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Sunny Leone Adult film stars bleed India


Adult film stars bleed India, Sunny Leone, made ​​interesting statements about the business lust. 30-year-old woman believes her job as a porn star no less honorable to other jobs.

"Porn star does not necessarily similar to the prostitutes," said Sunny in the Times of India today. In essence, says Sunny, one if someone think like that.

Sunny admits that he comes from a good family. Although at first the family in Punjab, India, was surprised when he was wrestling in the adult entertainment industry. Gradually, they can understand and even respect him now. "The absence of the adult entertainment industry in India may make people do not know," he said.

Sunny Leone was born on May 13, 1981 in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, the name was born Karen Malhotra. Lost virginity at the age of 16 years, Sunny then worked his way to model nude in Penthouse Pet in 2001.

Two years later, Sunny falls in the world of pornographic movies under the auspices of the Vivid Girl. Initially, Sunny would only do lesbian scenes. But in 2007, he began to be willing to come up with terms with only one male actor. That man, Matt Erikson, later to become his fiancee.

Sunny idealism vanished a year later when he was willing diving porn scene with actors other men. When asked what made ​​her fell in this industry? Sunny said this was an option. "The pay is also quite high," he said.... READ MORE

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