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Sex Abuse Scandal 2011 Pennsylvania State University

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Sex Abuse Scandal 2011 Pennsylvania State University


Nestled in a mountain range, the idyllic community that surrounds the campus of Penn State is often referred to as Happy Valley. But on an otherwise sunny, peaceful day in November 2011, residents throughout the area awoke to blaring headlines and news of unthinkable child abuse crimes that led to the arrests of a prominent former assistant football coach and two top university officials.

Days later, on Nov. 9, the most celebrated and admired Happy Valley inhabitant, Penn State’s 84-year-old head football coach, Joe Paterno, was fired by the school’s Board of Trustees for his role in the matter.

Graham B. Spanier, one of the longest-serving and highest-paid university presidents in the nation, who helped raise the academic profile of Penn State during his tenure, was also removed by the Board of Trustees.

The scandal centered on the school’s handling of allegations involving Jerry Sandusky, 67, a former defensive coordinator under Paterno. Sandusky was charged Nov. 5 with sexually abusing eight young boys over more than a decade.

Former Penn State athletic director Tim Curley and former finance official Gary Schultz were charged with failing to report an incident.

On Nov. 11, linebacker coach Mike McQueary was put on administrative leave. McQueary had testified to a grand jury that he saw Sandusky rape a child in the showers at a campus locker room in 2002 and said he reported what he saw to Paterno. The university said “multiple threats” had been made against McQueary.

The anger at McQueary centers on his failure to stop the alleged rape and call the police. Instead, he told Paterno, who also chose not to call the police, directing McQueary to the school’s athletic director. Paterno claimed that McQueary did not tell him the whole story, only that he had seen something disturbing that was perhaps sexual in nature. McQueary testified to the grand jury that he saw Sandusky having anal sex with the boy.

Sandusky had access to hundreds of boys through Second Mile, a foundation for needy children that he founded in 1977. Though he retired from Penn State in 1999, Sandusky retained access to many athletic facilities and had an office in the Lasch Football Building. The alleged 2002 assault took place in the football building.

Latest Developments

Nov. 16 Ben Andreozzi, a lawyer representing one of eight alleged victims in the Penn State sexual child abuse case, called Jerry Sandusky a “coward” and said that Sandusky’s recent comments on television had emboldened his client to pursue sexual assault charges against Sandusky. Andreozzi said his client, now in his 20s, met Sandusky through Sandusky’s charity, Second Mile. He said he had been around Sandusky for several years and was assaulted multiple times. Andreozzi has also advised other alleged victims in the case and said he was meeting with another potential victim this week.

Nov. 14 In a telephone interview with television host Bob Costas, Sandusky said he is not a pedophile, but admitted he showered with young boys. “I have hugged them and I have touched their leg without intent of sexual contact,” Sandusky told Costas.... READ MORE

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