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Some Famous Parsi Test Cricket Players for India

This led to the cricket field is not negligible. Before partition, the quarter played Hindus, Muslims and Europe with the teams. Quarter was abolished after independence, but the color worn quite a few Parsis of India. All rounder Polly Umrigar was a leading Parisian. During the fifties and early sixties he was India's best batsman. The fact that the batting average of 42 runs scored over the 3600 is enough proof of his ability, while most other batsmen, only 35 (Pataudi, Borde, etc.) Avg. He is also the first in 1956 with an innings of 223 against New Zealand hit a double century in Test cricket during his visit to India was an Indian. If Umrigar was a weakness and as such, he was the actual speed during the 1952 tour of England against Fred Trueman was not a success. Umrigar, who comes to my mind is the next Parsi Jehangir Nariman was contractor. He is a left-handed opener was a classic style. He also said India captain Ted Dexter team which toured India in 1961-62 was against it.Contractor also hit a century in Bombay.

The contractor techniques failed and the West Indies fast wicket that of Charlie Griffith and only emergency surgery saved his life was killed by a brutal delivery. Then we Russi Modi player, Russi Modi, chairman of Tata Steel not to be confused with. Modi played very few matches, but West Indies tour of India in 1948 during his many stellar innings with Hazare. He added 560 runs in the series. But he faded away and was for long the president of CCI.

MCC tour of India in 1962 during a wicket-keeper batsman, made his appearance. He was Farokh Engineer. People now talk to Dhoni, but I would say the wicket-keeper batsman Farooq was a cut above. He was a flamboyant player who had attacked the bowling from the word go. One of his innings in the third Test against West Indies in 1966, can not forget. Engineer opened the batting and Wes Hall and Charlie Griffith soon men all the West Indies pace terror is pasted on the ground. West Indies captain Sobers runs flowed like water and was worried. Farooq going to be a century before lunch, when a concerned Sobers for dilatory tactics adopted Farooq denied a century before lunch. He was 94 and eventually made 109 not out at lunch.Spinners was unusual for them to keep.

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