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How do we find the right bikini for your body type


Bikini swimsuits are the most feared. Immortalized in the song, the yellow polka dot bikini echoed the feelings associated with the dress. Now is the time for fear of ending! Even if you can not wear bikinis, you probably can if you play only what you have and minimize what you do not.

Small Breasts

After small breasts may be what you dislike your body, but small breasts are what designers love. Tiny triangles are perfect for her is aCups, small, the better. older women envy you because you do not have to worry about the support that we have to worry about finding just beautiful!

Up here are some details to look at when purchasing a bikini:

Look for tops that lift up a bit 'of extra padding to have what you have and make it pop just a little' more.

Buy bikini breasts that have ruffles, sequins or other decorations that extra mass.

Peaks that look like a band of scrunched fabricHer gaze to the chest.

Keep it small. There marsh breasts too much food or you look even smaller.


large breasts tend to have more problems than children when it comes to bikinis. The choice of one, is exactly the right support is important. Here are some tips on how to find support and how to minimize.

Always buy bikini with bow.

Try to find a plan that offers coverage to you in a better grip.

Gothe dark, solid color floors.

If you are not sure of the bikini bottom are eye-catching and brighter than your top, so you have more of an hourglass shape.

Never buy a string bikini when you want it to fall.

Halter type plans to give more support.

Small Butt

If you wish you had a J-Lo or Beyonce booty, do not worry. There are ways to give more bounce for your ounce

Flip-flops or more funds will be flat triangularbest type of fund short, because if you cover up something that small with a lot of substance, it is only going to be smaller.

Friesen, ruffles, large designs and bright colors make an optical illusion that your butt is bigger.

String bikinis flaunt that you have a subtle form.

Big Bottoms

Take a page from the women who had J-Lo and Beyonce booty and I will be happy to have the body of the time trend. If you reduce the size, in any case, here aresome tips to hide your ghetto booty.

Wearing a dark, neutral color on the bottom and a lighter color to divert the fund of your own.

Do not buy funds that supplements have bikini models large arcs or attracting the attention of others.

Buy fund coverage, the belts are not for you.

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